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Spring/Summer collection


Star of the latest campaign Miranda Kerr shows us how to shimmer and shine this season

The right accessories are key to mastering this season’s look. Miranda Kerr shows us how to create style that makes a splash with accessories from the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. “I never leave the house without jewelry. I mix and match lots of little chains that add a little bit of glamour. The effect is breathtaking, adds a little sparkle and brightens up any look.”

Fresh spring days and balmy summer nights call for an easy and glamorous style. The essence of this new seasonal mood comes from modern shapes and sensational crystal cuts combined with exquisite colors that pack a real punch. Jewelry is an easy way to update your style throughout the day. You can take a simple outfit, like a black mini-dress, from day to night just by changing your jewelry. If you have a date, add some sparkling earrings, or if you’re out with friends, layering bangles and rings can be a great way to play up your personal style.

Attract heart set

Exact Ring

Creativity Ring

Stone Bangle

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