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There's more to love this Valentine's day


Swarovski’s Valentine’s Day collection takes its cue from the romantic mood of the moment.

Prepare to fall in love with Swarovski’s new Valentine’s Day collection filled with beautiful, romantic and feminine designs that elevate any look with ease. Alluring jewelry and accessories make meaningful gifts and bring their own brilliant twist of modernity into the mix this season. The universal symbol of love; the heart is defined in the sleekest, modern and most sophisticated of ways.

From delicate pendants and glittering rings through to sleek bangles and chic watches, golden metallic tones and rose gold hues infuse the collection with warmth, while exquisite crystal cuts and refined pavé settings give ultimate sparkle to the most romantic day of the year. Feminine and contemporary in equal measure Swarovski’s exquisite collection captures the latest trends and exudes endless shine.

Daytime Heart Watch


Dear Bangle

*Blog captured from Swarovski.com

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