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Inside the workshop and creative mind of Nathalie Colin, where Swarovski’s Spring/Summer Collection 2016 comes to life

Venusian, supple and sensual – our latest inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is none other than the ever-mysterious Sea. As a muse that is rich in beauty, myth, and romance – all classic elements of fine jewelry – the ocean inspired a dazzling collection inspiration which borrows shape, form and features from the underwater kingdom which teems with life just below its surface. Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Creative Director, explains, “The Sea is a wholly organic and endless source of beauty, and the perfect inspiration for our new collection. As well as celebrating the beauty of nature, every piece offers a sophisticated, feminine elegance.”

Each drop of prismatic crystal is a testament to the reflective quality of water and the vastness of the sea, with deep oceanic hues woven through inspirations both nautical and organic. Shapes reminiscent of sand dunes and contours with the suggestion of a wave are at play – sea creatures such as the starfish and urchins emerge from crystal expressions, and Seahorse-inspired curls and shellfish shapes are paired with oceanic blues. Hidden clasps amidst bold statement pieces and a multitude of glimmering styles round out the collection’s all-round glamour.

“This season, we dive into a refreshing Sea of Sparkle,” says Nathalie. “Marine life and amazing underwater creatures lend their fantastic colors to truly exceptional jewelry”

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*Blog captured from Swarovski.com

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