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Lights, camera and Fashion Week action

Style star, fashion personality and Friend of Swarovski Margaret Zhang of www.shinebythree.com joins us in the city of Love for one of the most anticipated events: Paris Fashion Week. Known worldwide for its singular captivating atmosphere paired with shows from the industry’s top creators, Margaret joins Swarovski for a photoshoot and a walkabout across the city’s darling streets. “Season to season, Paris Fashion Week remains the most exciting and fulfilling of the whole circuit, both creatively by way of design talent,” says Margaret. “You literally have the privilege of working in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.”

“Parisians, too, have their own stylistic signature to boast of, and for the rest of us to learn from. It’s not in the sense that New Yorkers wear black, say. Or even that Londoners dress to their taste music,” says Margaret. “Rather it’s that the effortless women of Paris have honed their skills on timelessness in a checklist of necessary elements, regardless their overall aesthetic.”

Parisians know how to dress, but also how to accessorize. “Leave a little to the imagination with jewelery that peeks out from under collars, and don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and colors to complement your surroundings,” advises Margaret.

“I put together this look on Allyson one sunset at the Louvre to demonstrate the ease that can come with mixing prints in the correct proportions. And you can get away with adding some sparkle to that without the look becoming too overbearing,” notes Margaret. “– I doubled up the Distinct bangles to give her that perfect amount of subtle pavé sparkle, while playing with the pavé cobblestone streets Paris is so well known for."

All images shot by Margaret Zhang

Distinct bangle

*Blog Captured from Swarovski.com

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