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In Shape is in Style with Shanina Shaik

As a Victoria’s Secret angel and global presence on the fashion scene, Shanina Shaik is known for her talent, beauty and her drive. Shanina, better known as Nina to family and close friends, keeps her health as a top priority – self-care, is, undoubtedly, the new stylish. Shanina joins Swarovski in Paris for an exclusive shoot with Margaret Zhang and an intimate look into how the model stays fit on the road. “I love spending quality time with friends and family. I enjoy keeping fit with basketball and soul cycle. I love travelling, fashion – of course, and I’m based in NYC. Jewelry is important to me because it’s a way I can individualize my look to project my mood, style and character.”

Shanina wears our activity-tracking Slake Deluxe bracelet — perfect for a woman on the go;to keep fit; “I bring a skipping rope and Pilates discs in my luggage everywhere I travel. If I can't find a gym I can jump rope outside or practice yoga and Pilates in my hotel room. I do things I like so I enjoy it and it’s not a chore.” A portable personal trainer, the technology of the Activity Crystal measures steps, burned calories, distance and even sleep patterns. It synchronizes wirelessly with your smartphone and is easily paired with the dazzling Slake and Slake deluxe sets. Whether globe-trotting or simply juggling your own busy life, activity tracking jewelry is a chic game changer meant for the modern woman – working with your lifestyle and individual style.

“My style can differ from day to night,” says Shanina. “During the day I prefer wearing simple basic pieces such as shirts, jeans and skirts… I then dress my look up with cool accessories. At night I love to wear more sophisticated, feminine and sexy pieces.” Paired with a smoky toned slake set, Shanina rocks our Ethic bracelet for a glamorous mix. She stacks multi-toned bangles and Slake bracelets for an edgy, yet deluxe look. In this case, the more the better, with variating styles paired for maximum impact. “I rarely leave home without wearing any jewelry,” notes Shanina. Whether worn alone or in a rocking combination, the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry is not just for the gym – but transitions into every look with ease for an understated, playful elegance.

Credits : Shanina Shaik by Margaret Zhang

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