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The body is wise; and Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry helps you listen to its wisdom in style.

Creative powerhouse Zanita Whittington has to be ‘on’ all the time. With a lifestyle as busy as hers, she values body-mind connection’s health beyond measure. “Staying inspired in my work and life schedule goes hand in hand with maintaining my fitness levels.” Capturing Aussie blogger Alli Simpson, Zanita speaks to Swarovski about the important of being healthy—and her own active lifestyle. “In order to keep up my energy levels,” says Zanita.” I need to optimize my sleep and fitness. The activity tracker allows me to keep on top of what my body needs.”

Alli rocks the layered Slake set, preferring a mix of the high energy colors. Alli’s favorite part about the jewelry: "It’s so easy. I set it and forget it", laughs Alli, “so I can focus on my workout.” The Slake Swarovski Activity Crystal Set includes an elegant Activity Crystal, set on a simple strap, and two bracelets, both specially designed to house the crystal.

“I’m making fewer excuses for myself and enjoying working out and reaching fitness goals more and more.” says Zanita of the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry. I’ve got more energy in my life—translating to more creativity and better work.”.

Credits: Alli Simpson by Zanita Whittington

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