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Workout Wisdom with Michèle Krüsi of The Fashion Fraction

Michèle knows what it takes to roll with the punches of modern life – perseverance, and a bit of creativity. As a self-professed high-powered fashion addict, Michèle put her obsession to good use and is the proud creator and curator one of Swiss top style blogs, The Fashion Fraction . Michèle’s endeavors span fashion writing to collaborating with brands such as Hermès, Adidas and Gant. Swarovski joins the fashionista in her element- ringside, to share some workout wisdom and key tips to staying fit.

“When it comes to sports and fitness my motto is always “No Excuses” -so even when I’m traveling I try to do as much for my fitness as possible. Since I have my Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry I wear it all the time to also track the steps I do each day.”

Whether worn as a single crystal during the high voltage workouts such as boxing, or layered post-workout to track your steps to and from work or the gym, Swarovski’s Slake Deluxe Swarovski Activity Crystal Set is made to suit a 24/7 lifestyle.

Some parting wisdom from the stylish Michèle, “You will always find a reason not to work out. Be it the weather, the time or anything else. But if you overcome these reasons and work out though, you will just feel amazing! Furthermore the Swarovski fitness tracking jewelry motivates me to track my performance so that I see how I improve and how many calories I burnt (hello bikini body!).”



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