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Swarovski launches Autum / Winter 2015 collection

Swarovski has unveiled its AW15 collection, which takes inspiration from nature.

The collection splits into two factions, one inspired by a Zen garden that fuses organic, minimal design with sensual and feminine touches, and a second that takes inspiration from English manor houses with rich colours and chunky designs.

As part of the new AW15 collection, the popular Stardust bracelets have been given an upgrade with the Swarovski crystals trapped inside a metal net, rather than a nylon one as used in previous collections. The Stardust bracelets accounted for 8% of Swarovski sales in their stores in December 2014, and their 2014 launch was reported as being the most successful yet.

The bracelets combine the signature Swarovski glamour with clean lines and simple design, and are available in silver with gold- and rose gold-plated options. The collection is designed to be worn alone or stacked, which is a popular trend in 2015.

The pieces influenced by English manors are aimed at women who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. The jewellery is reminiscent of vintage materials and makes use of faded pinks and dark berry colours, indicative of autumnal leaves and flowers.

The Dark collection, within this range, features a cuff tipped with large dark crystals, and smaller pink ones for extra sparkle. The collection also features a chunky necklace and drop earrings.

Swarovski will increase its ad spend by 30% in 2015 versus 2014; leading with three major television campaigns, valentines, summer and Christmas. The 2015 valentines campaign gave Swarovski a 38% share of voice in the jewellery advertising sector. 

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