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Lazy Days and Long Nights

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without those lazy days and long nights. It’s a rare privilege to find yourself with time on your hands, so make the most of it to play with time on your wrists.

Summer days are all about long walks on beaches, never-ending bicycle rides, late lunches… Keep it cool and simple in the heat of the day with a sportswear-inspired timepiece that gets to the point. With its on-trend double strap, streamlined design and bold color palette, the Aila Day Double Tour Watch should do the trick. Add in a Slake Deluxe to soften the look and you’ve got yourself some lazy day goodness!

As night falls and the party calls, step up your sparkle game with this season’s answer to timeless sophistication: the Octea Classica in black and rose gold. All that’s missing from this glamorous picture is a wristful of well-angled bangles. Think minimal metal with a single band of crystal. There’s a reason they call it the Ready. The soundtrack to your long summer nights? The stir of the waves and the gentle clink of Swarovksi bracelets. Essential.

Aila Day Tour Watch

Click Bangle

Slake Bangle

Octea Classica Watch

*Blog captured from Swarovski.com

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