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One of the hottest neologisms birthed by Internet, ‘glamping’ embodies two of my all-time favorite activities: communing with nature and indulging in some serious sparkle. After all, embracing the great outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on life’s little luxuries!

Whether you’re planning to stake it out at Calvi on the Rocks or pitch a tent high up in the Canadian Rockies, make sure you’re equipped with enough emergency Swarovski to handle any situation. The easiest way to take a tank and jean cut-offs to the next level? Stacking on the Stardust with color-co-ordinated soft bracelets.

If rock chic is your vibe, try teaming a deep blue Stardust with two of my favorite leather pieces of the season: the Vio Navy and the Celeb. Their on-trend magnetic closures are the essence of easy-on, easy-off glamour.

For an oh-so-feminine spin on glamping, make a Stardust-Slake combo your summer staple. One last thing: crank up the volume by wearing not one but two double Stardusts reflecting the shades of your Slake. Happy Glamping, ladies!


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