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What to Wear: Stardust Deluxe

Stardust Deluxe: the name sounds glimmering, fantastical, enchanting. And this collection is all you would expect. Metallic net embraces crystals of stunning brilliance to create an enlightening statement. Crystals that sparkle in silver, gold, platinum and rose gold tones, and glint and glitter when touched by light. Elevating any day, enriching every night. A pair of contrasting bracelets spark up casual style. A stack of three or more turns an evening into a brilliant affair. A necklace with luminous crystal-filled links transforms an iconic look, making it new again, and an absolute must-have. With this magical meet-up of crystal and metal, you can’t help but shine.

Stardust Deluxe Bracelet Set (S)

Stardust Deluxe Bracelet Rose Gold

Stardust Deluxe Bracelet Gold

Stardust Deluxe Bracelet Clear

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