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Discover the iconic Crystalline Oval watch, whose dazzling shine brings glamour to any outfit

With over 1,700 glittering Swarovski crystals shining from its shapely curved face, the Crystalline Oval watch offers a modern day elegance paired with expert crystal craftsmanship. Whether worn solo as a statement piece, or in tandem with the Edify bangles and wrap bracelets, such as the Slake Deluxe, the Crystalline Oval is this season’s new favourite classic go-to.

The beauty of the Crystalline technique is seen in the thousands of brilliant Swarovski chatons expertly arranged for maximum shine. With Swarovski’s crystals, known for their cut, clarity and brilliance, decorating the watch face, the Crystalline Oval is in a league of its own. “The Crystalline Oval watch has a minimal and sleek design, and is filled with thousands of the tiniest faceted crystals that makes it look so feminine and delicate, too,” says Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of Swarovski. “What is so amazing to me and to all people around the world who are in love with Swarovski, is that new and innovating ways of working and creating with cut crystal ensure the designs always look very modern and suitable for every occasion.”

A delicate rose gold tone option is available this season, lending glamour to both the black and white colour ways. With its unique oval shape and availability in a myriad of styles, the Crystalline Oval watch is sure to become a wardrobe staple of the season.

*Blog captured from Swarovski.com

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