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Daytime Daring

Captured by Tommy Ton, Chanel Iman shows us her twist on understated glamour

In case anyone still doubted that daytime and casual looks can sit together with a touch of glamour, beautiful Chanel Iman brilliantly proves the sceptics wrong. The supermodel closes a street-style series by Tommy Ton shot in Manhattan. As to the location, Tommy says; “I try to choose based on the individual and what he/she is wearing. I always like there to be some relation between the looks and the environment which help the image come together.”

Urban yet cool West Village was the perfect setting for Chanel to walk in toned-down looks letting the jewellery take the spotlight. With great flair, Chanel chose the pieces that would instantly elevate simple looks, including the Film XL hoop-earrings playing against her crop top for an 80s hint, and the Fantastic necklace with its stellar inspired motifs paired with a chic tone-on-tone look. Chanel reveals “I like the mix of casual clothing with refined and glamorous jewellery, it really enhances the brilliance of the pieces giving them centre stage. That is what accessories are meant to bring: a touch of personal sparkle.”

Credit: Chanel Iman by Tommy Ton
Post Production: Hannah Kuo

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