Swarovski Disney Collection

Exclusively for 2019: Swarovski Disney's Snow White Collection

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

Introducing the Limited Edition Snow White. Exclusively for 2019, fans of the classic 1937 Disney film adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story can enjoy this Disney princess by Swarovski in vibrant colour for the first time ever! She is dressed in her signature blue and yellow gown and the striking touches of red included in the bow in her hair and the infamous poisoned apple which she holds are dazzling. This stunning piece is an absolute must-have for collectors and would make the perfect gift for all Disney lovers.

Why not add to the fairy tale magic by pairing her with her lovable companion, Dopey? He is complete with 399 facets and his classic green coat and violet hat sparkle in a dreamy array of crystal colors. He holds two dazzling crystals in his palms, depicting the mischievous image of his character being all to easily distracted by the jewels where he is mining! This piece would be a charming addition to a Disney collection.

For the first time ever, Swarovski have released a Disney piece exclusively for their SCS members. Grumpy, who is in full colour for the first time ever wears his model bright red outfit and is complete with an incredibly fitting frown on his face!. His colours sparkle in 310 stunning facets. Deep down Grumpy is an incredibly lovable character and like Dopey he would be an incredibly authentic addition to a collections.

To complete this collection, the poisoned apple is a must have accessory. It features the infamous apple in a vibrant red crystal, a delicate brown stalk and a white skull like print on the front. This is an incredibly versatile piece as it can be used as a hanging ornament or it can be a freestanding decoration.


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