Swarovski Disney Collection

Gaultier's Got It

Asymmetric designs complement the exclusive Kaputt crystal designed by Jean Paul Gaultier

With over a century of collaborating with leading fashion talents, Swarovski continues its exploration of crystal with Jean-paul Gaultier, through a collection starring the daring, exclusive and fascinating Kaputt crystal. Drawing inspiration from the asymmetric looks of his runway collections, the edgy Kaputt crystal brings the spirit of Gaultier’s avant-garde aesthetic to life. Embodying the concept of ‘perfect imperfection’, the crystal’s shape is reminiscent of a meteor, with a near mineral feel. Shining amidst stunning pieces in a modern silver tone, the Jean-Paul Gaultier collection for Atelier Swarovski is a collection with a strong fashion point of view.

Zanita captures the essence of Gaultier’s vision featuring Julia K of Maffashion, shot near Swarovski’s Kristallwelten (Crystal World) in Wattens, Austria. Pairing the jewelry with a casual jean jacket and a glam-rock ensemble, the Reverse Hoops and Reverse bracelet compliment the contemporary take on high fashion, street style glamour. “I love the earrings!” says Julia of the collection. “I think this could be a perfect gift – you can wear one only or simply two – depends what you’re wearing and how you’re feeling.”

Credit: Maffashion by Zanita

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