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Identifying an Authentic Swarovski Crystal Figurine

Considering the immense worldwide popularity of Swarovski figurines, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that there are many companies that have gotten into the market and make crystal figurines that look similar to, but aren't as good as, authentic Swarovski crystal figurines. Discerning buyers know how to identify real Swarovski figurines from the impostors. Here are a couple of methods used to judge authenticity:

Get a picture of the logo. Prior to 1975, the logo will be an attractive Edelweiss flower. After 1975 the company changed their logo, turning it into an "S.A.L." logo that was printed on all genuine Swarovski jewellery and figurines until 1989 when the familiar Swan that the company currently uses for its logo made its debut. Any crystal figurine that doesn't bear one of these logos isn't a Swarovski. As a stand alone Swarovski store in Guernsey you can buy online or instore knowing all items are the genuine article. Also for your comfort we can be located here. on Swarovski.com in their store finder.

Another simple technique buyers can use to determine if a figurine is a Swarovski, is to examine it closely and look for any flaws in the glass. The Swarovski holds itself to the highest standards of quality and refuses to sell any item they believe is flawed. If a close examination of the crystal figurine reveals any tiny bubbles in the glass, it's a fake.

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