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Meet me at Midnight

New Year’s Eve calls for a bit of celebration; Margaret Zhang shows us how to ring in the New Year in style

New Year’s Eve is a night to set the style standard for 2017. Swarovski joins Margaret Zhang to see how she uses her expert eye to create the night’s most daring styles. This year, it’s all about statement looks and subtle shine, with sensual, cut-out sheer outfits set against the season’s most sought after avant-garde silhouettes.

Margaret’s tip: keep it light on the sparkle for your ensemble and instead opt for bold accessories. “Assuming NYE means incredibly sparkly dresses is, to me, a faux pas.” Go for a classic look, and make your jewellery the centrepiece.

Margaret stacks Crystaldust bangles in white, silver and black with a crushed velvet suit for a menswear-inspired look, accentuating the white cuffs of the outfit. Complementing the all-black skirt with sheer top is the Jean Paul Gaultier for Atelier Swarovski necklace. The Crystalline Oval watch in white gives a pop of colour to Bee's all-black look, topped off with the modern Fantastic necklace.

“Bee has such distinctive personal style,” says Margaret, who chose to work with the model’s personal glamorous look for the shoot. “We mixed something very directional from Lala Berlin with her beaten up boots and killer eyebrows.”

As for Margaret’s fantasy NYE: “I think I’ve watched too many rom-coms based in New York so, something completely crazy like the Times Square ball drop would probably be involved.”

MODEL: Bee Beardsworth

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