Coming Soon - New Swarovski Crystal Collection

My little Kris Bear

Since 1993, Swarovski’s iconic Kris Bear is a symbol of positive and emotional messages. With My little Kris Bear, the collection was interpreted as a lovely gift for parents or those who welcomed the birth of a newborn baby. Neutral colours make it an easy gift for all genders, and the facial expressions make these charmers even more appealing.
Designs greatly complement other Kris Bears, which is highly valued by all Swarovski collectors. Therefore, all collectors have a choice of different designs, prices and functionalities.
The crystal figurines will speak to those looking for an emotional gift and greatly valued by collectors and teddy bear fans.
View the full Kris Bear Collection here. All items are free of VAT, and we are pleased to offer free UK carriage. You will not incur any additional charges or customs duty. Order with confidence...........

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