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SCS Collection 2021: Elegance of Africa


Due to Covid-19 measures and the temporary furlough that affected Swarovski crystal production last year, the deliveries of many Crystal Living novelties for 2021 are late. The Elegance of Africa and SCS exclusive collection will be landing in store in late March 

In 2021 Swarovski takes us to an incredible continent, where nature and culture coexist, creating an array of magnificent landscapes: this year the SCS flies to Africa.

This year’s “Elegance of Africa” collection is designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, who took inspiration from the landscapes and wildlife of this magical continent. At the same time, he also represents a strong passion for the beauty of nature, as embodied in Swarovski’s creativity and craftmanship.

SCS A.E. 2021 Zebra Amai and SCS Zebra Baby Zuri

The protagonist of the SCS 2021 collection is the zebra, with its black and white stripes, representing the contrasts of the African continent. The zebra is depicted in a strong emotional interaction between a mother and its baby animal.

Why these names? Amai means “mother” in the language of Zimbabwe, the natural habitat of this beautiful zebra. And Zuri means “beautiful” in Swahili, perfectly representing the enchanting stripes.

SCS Crane Neema

​The crane is a majestic bird and a sacred symbol for many African countries, known for its golden crown and its elegant movement. 

It’s no coincidence that its name is Neema, which means “grace and graceful” in Swahili.​

Crane nemma.PNG

SCS Oxpecker Kali

On the occasion of exclusive special events for SCS members, the bird Kali will be available: a beautiful Oxpecker with a particular-colored beak.

During these events, to reward participating SCS members, a small give-away will be the SCS tack pin 2021.

SCS Desert Rose

Native to the Sahel regions, covering south of the Sahara areas, this flower with five red and pink petals is proposed in different shapes as SCS membership gift of the year - for new and existing members who renew their membership.

desert rose.PNG

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