Swarovski Disney Collection

Swarovski Rings

The Swarovski ring collection ranges from simple classic bands to bold colourful creations, all of which feature the brand’s renowned precision cut clear and coloured crystals.

From clear crystal pavé, truly majestic gold-plated cocktail rings with a magnificent clear crystal in a prong setting and bold and beautiful Black Diamond, Jet Hematite, Jet and Satin crystal rings set in Swarovski’s exclusive Pointiage® technique represent a few of the exceptional rings from the Swarovski

Worn individually or matched with the brand’s innovative selection of clear and coloured crystal necklaces and bracelets, the magnificent pieces from the Swarovski ring collection represent modern luxe design at its best and offer the contemporary woman an incredible selection of accessories to add sparkle to any outfit.


Just so you know, there are normally three or four ring sizes available for each Swarovski ring. Here is a handy ring sizing guide to help you understand which ring size is best for you:

  • Europe 50 / USA 5 1⁄8 / Japan 9-10 / Korea 50 (S/9-10)

  • Europe 52 / USA 6 (S) / Japan 10-12 / Korea 52 (S/11-12)

  • Europe 55 / USA 7 (M) / Japan 13-15 / Korea 55 (M/14-15)

  • Europe 58 / USA 8 (L) / Japan 16-18 / Korea 58 (L/17-18)

  • Europe 60 / USA 9 (XL) / Japan 19-20 / Korea 60 (XL/19-20)

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