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Swarovski Setting Jewellery Techniques

Swarovski jewellery may be evolving, but there are a set of principles that will continue to unite us with our past, and that is our meticulous attention to detail when setting Swarovski crystal and zirconia in a way that unlocks the beauty, radiance, and appeal of our jewellery. Our setting techniques fasten the crystal into place and capture the imagination of our customers can. 

Holding the test of time​​

The bezel setting is one of the oldest known setting techniques, and its durability may be why it is still popular today. In a Bezel setting, metal bands protect the crystal from scratches and chips. The balance between protection and beauty gives the Bezel setting a high crystal appeal.

Set to shine​

One of the most popular setting techniques, the prong setting, aims to use as little metal as possible to allow light to flow through for maximum brilliance. The prong setting accentuates the beauty of crystal, letting it shine to its fullest.

Paving our legacy​

Versatile and timeless, the pavé setting is the perfect complement to fine jewelry. pavé is French for paved or cobblestone and gets its name from the close setting of the crystals paved across the surface of the jewellery.

Channeling our heritage for a sleek look​​

The channel setting is a setting technique where the crystals are suspended between two bars or strips of metal, called channels. Elegant, with a smooth surface, the Channel setting captures the optimal amount of light and the perfect amount of customer desire.

Securing the radiance​

Set in cast-in-place setting is a fine jewelry technique where Swarovski Zirconia is held securely with an open-back setting. With minimal amounts of pips and bars, the Cast-in-place setting allows for the maximum amount of light to flow the crystal without sacrificing the strong hold.

Swarovski mastery in motion

Capturing even the slightest movement, the Sparkling Dance (Dancing Stone) technique is an innovative and hypnotic setting technique where the crystal appears to "dance" in the light. It's both playful and elegant, the perfect setting to unleash the striking effects of Swarovski zirconia.

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