Coming Soon - New Swarovski Crystal Collection

Swarovski Special Editions Myriad Crystal Pieces

The collection name Crystal Myriad refers to the numerous Swarovski crystals applied to these unique pieces; crafted with the highest attention to detail and highlighting their exceptional brilliance. Each piece is expertly crafted with the use of our proprietary high-tech Pointiage technigue that allows Swarovski crystals to be freely set by hand without using prongs or glue, thereby offering greater design flexibility with the use of different shapes and size crystals. A “crystallized” look with exceptional brilliance is achieved due to the close proximity that the crystals can be set. The collection comprises of Limited Edition Leopards, Dragons, Mandarin Ducks, Black Stallion, Pegasus, Bee Eaterssix of Disney's most iconic and beloved characters, and finally a spectacular interpretation of Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom and good fortune. 

All the collection are listed as pre order, and subject to availability. The advantage of ordering these superb Myriad pieces via Duty Free Crystal is the significant monetary saving over UK High Street retailers. All items are 20% cheaper as we are not subject to any VAT, GST or any sales tax. To discuss please email us on or call one of our experienced sales team on 01481 721501.




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