Swarovski Disney Collection

Brand New: Swarovski Toy Story Collection

"To Infinity and Beyond"

Introducing Swarovski's brand new Disney Pixar collection,Toy Story!

Coinciding with the much anticipated release of Toy Story 4 in the summer of this year, Swarovski have combined their expert craftsmanship with classic Disney Pixar characters to create beautifully crafted and iconic pieces which would make a dazzling addition to a Disney lover's collection.

Central to the Toy Story collection is Andy's favourite toy, Sheriff Woody. He wears his classic cowboy outfit which is re-created using vibrant colours and the buttons on his shirt have been crafted using individual crystals, showcasing Swarovski's exquisite craftsmanship and close attention to detail. This piece features Woody sat on an alphabet block with a red 'W' on it, a truly charming addition. It also includes the iconic engraving of 'ANDY' on his right boot, adding yet another touch of authentic character to this piece.

Woody would be lost without his faithful best friend, Buzz Lightyear! Buzz sparkles in a clear crystal base with colourful authentic details added to his space suit. He holds a strong pose, looking ready for action as he dazzles in 435 sparkling facets.

To complete the toy family, why not add the Pizza Planet Alien? Complete in vibrant colours, with a varnished metal antenna, this loveable alien shines in 166 facets of crystal. Captured in a cheerful pose, this friendly three eyed extraterrestrial would be a charming addition to the collection!

Don't miss out on these authentic and loveable pieces at a 20% saving on UK high street prices.

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