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Total Sport

From professional athletes to style buffs with a love of fitness, Swarovski Activity Tracking jewelry has been spotted on influencers around the world

Life calls for movement; from a daily walk to work to time at the gym or spin class, we move our bodies constantly. Wellness is more than a movement, it’s a way of life; and keeping track of your health is part of a well-rounded lifestyle which allows you to laugh, live and do more. Joining forces with some of the leading (and most stylish) proponents of health around the globe, Swarovski captures the ladies in their element.

As the first female Olympic champion in the history of Italian swimming, Frederica Pellegrini is above all, an athlete. Spotted here wearing the Swarovski Activity Tracking Slake set, Frederica gives the look a sporty feel during a photoshoot by pairing the sports band with elevated swimwear.

Spanish actress Mariam Hernández , the fitness blogger behind ‘Diary of a (F)IT GIRL’ wears the Slake Activity Slake Activity Crystal Set with her daily street-savvy style – from her yoga routine to her walks in streets of cities around the world, Mariam tracks every step.

Italian fashion blogger Veronica Ferraro of The Fashion Fruit dresses her Slake set up for a lunch date, pairing the activity tracking jewelry with a messy bun and the dazzling Eminence ring. Later she’s spotted taking her Slake to the streets with a polished look.

With the capacity to expand present-moment awareness by leaving the tracking to the crystal accessory, Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewelry allows you to be fully present and engaged with whatever activity you choose while you look (and feel) great.


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