Becoming a member of the Swarovski Collectors Society enables you to be part of an international community of crystal enthusiasts. There are special offers, incentives and exclusive products for SCS members.
Members receive the Swarovski magazine four times a year with all the latest news on Swarovski products, a membership card and invitation to selected events organised by the SCS.
New members also receive a special gift which is not available for sale. You will receive this gift from Swarovski directly when your membership has been purchased and processed by them.
You can of course make a friend a member of the SCS by way of a gift. This will enable him or her to enjoy all the advantages of membership as well as the annual membership gift. Joining fee for 1 year is £29.00 or for 3 years £59.00. All SCS products ordered are free of VAT. We are also pleased to offer FREE UK delivery on all orders.
The SCS Swarovski SCS Giraffe Mudiwa executed in brilliant Swarovski crystal with a design evolution with a coating. A special fading effect was utilized creating an elegant and sophisticated effect reflecting the giraffe's graceful fur pattern. Mudiwa in Shona (an African language) means beloved one,
The SCS Annual Edition 2018 Giraffe Baby in ceylon topaz with mocca eyes executed in brilliant Swarovski crystal with a design evolution with a coating. Combine this beautiful Giraffe Baby with the SCS Annual Edition 2018 Giraffe Mudiwa to create an emotional and heart-warming family scene for your collection.
Complete your African scene evoking the wild plains of the Serengeti Park with this stunning Gazelle. An elegant and graceful piece, it sparkles with 474 facets
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